Learner´s guide

The Guide provides the overview of the MARLO Training Tool and gives some suggestions on how to use the Tool either as a stand-alone learning resource or as a part of a training programme.

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MARLO e-book integrates the 23 knowledge pills on marketing and the 8 case studies about entrepreneurs from Spain, Cyprus, Latvia and Lithuania. It is advisable for those users iniciating in marketing world. 

Marketing knowledge Pills

 23 short learning units covering the basics of marketingthe overview of the current economic environment, introduction to market research and marketing strategies, marketing mix, branding and use of social media. MARLO Training tool is developed in a form of "knowledge pills" for a reason - in this way it is easy to select the "pill" that is of most interest to you, and increase your knowledge on that specific subject in a very short time. 

Case studies

Examples of good practices and successful stories of local producers/ farmers/ SMEs or entrepreneurs. The case studies show how these companies and entrepreneurs have developed different services and products and successfully promoted them, attracting more customers and diversifying their business.


Illustrate the MARLO case studies shown above. 


Aphrodite Delights (Cyprus)


Ktima Christoudia (Cyprus). 


Erikas Augustinavicius (Lithuania) 


Pas Tevukus (Lithuania). 


Very Berry (Latvia).


Levassiers (Latvia). 


Pastoralia (Spain)


Tío Picho (Spain)


By filling this questionnaire you will provide us with invaluable information of potential possibilities of improvement of Methodological Training Tool system. It will take about 10 minutes for you to complete this questionnaire. 

Private area

In this part, users will be able to find relevant information about several topics that have approached in the rest of the tool: organic agriculture, local products, rural tourism, etc

Safety and Security in Rural Tourism

In this link you will find the practice based Safety and Security aspects on Rural tourism in Europe. Please fell free to go through Safety & Security manual, use self - check tool or visit the virtual training section. S&S Manual covers safety and security aspects in rural tourism accommodation establishments. It has been written, based on experiences of rural tourism organisations in Europe and is aimed at rural tourism business owners willing to consider all aspects for protection of their clients, property and business against accidents and to comply with legal requirements. Production of this manual has been funded under the project SAFETUR (2012-1-LV1-LEO05-03389), with support from the EC Leonardo da Vinci Lifelong Learning Program. The manual is also helpful to rural tourism organisations and tourism students. 

Organics Extremadura, What is it?

- It is an identity seal for the organic food produced by Extremadurian companies.

- It is a brand for the promotion of organic foods from Extremadura.

- It is a unique promotional brand created by the government of Extremadura to help consumers identify the organic products of Extremadura.

More info

Examples of collaboration

In this part of the tool some real examples of cooperation between local producers and tourism sector from Spain, Cyprus, Latvia and Lithuania are shown. 

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