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Nº.1 June 2014

In this first newsletter you can see a presentation of the project, the importance of the local and organic products, as well as the need of cooperation with the tourism sector. Finally, a description of a previous project- ProudFarmer- is also presented.   

Nº.2 Sept 2014

This second newsletter is about local and organic food features in every country participating in the project, you can find information about the MARLO´s target needs and the first progress meeting of MARLO partners in Riga. 

Nº3 June 2015

In this third newsletter you will know more about the MARLO´s methodological training tool, as well as about the second progress meeting held in Kaunas in May 2015 .

Nº4 Sept 2015

Fourth newsletter shows an overview of pilot phase, exploitation and quality of the project. As well as main aspects of the final project conference and meeting in Cáceres, Spain.