Work Plan

The project is based on the principles of cooperation, shared responsibilities and quality in all its aspects and phases. All activities planned in the project are designed having in mind the needs of the target group and expected final results and impact.


The work is divided into 7 work packages that consist of a set of activities. The project started with the "Methodological framework" (WP2) and "Needs analysis" (WP3) that set the base for the following work. It continued with the "Adaptation of the training programme" (WP4), the training methodology, contents and tools have been adapted. "Testing and evaluation" (WP5) delivered the training programme to the target groups, get their feedback and finalise the contents, methodology and technical presentation of the course. Three remaining work packages - "Project management and Coordination" (WP1), "Dissemination and Exploitation" (WP6) and "Quality Management" had a duration spanning from the beginning to the end of the project.

The workpackages are divided into the following tasks:

WP1. Project management and coordination

  • T1.1. Daily management and coordination
  • T1.2. Project meetings
  • T1.3. Reporting

WP2. Methodological framework

  • T2.1. Creation of the methodological framework
  • T2.2. Development of tools for needs analysis

WP3. Needs analysis

  • T3.1. Field work
  • T3.2. Analysis and elaboration of conclusions

WP4. Adaptation of the Methodological Training Tool in Marketing

  • T4.1. Analysis and adaptation of training tool
  • T4.2. Translations
  • T4.3. Development of Learner's Guide
  • 4.4. Amendments after the pilot testing

WP5. Testing and Evaluation

  • T5.1. Testing and evaluation methodology
  • T5.2. Organisation of testing and evaluation
  • T5.3. Evaluation analysis and report

WP6. Dissemination and Exploitation

  • T6.1. Dissemination Plan
  • T6.2. Dissemination tools and materials
  • T6.3. Project workshops and presentations
  • T6.4. Explotation Plan

WP7. Quality Management

  • T7.1. Development of Quality Management Plan
  • T7.2. Ongoing quality management and reporting

The Consortium is composed of 7 partners from 5 EU countries; they led the workpackages most relevant to their competences and experience. E.g. P2 that has a lot of knowledge in the subject field of the project and training methodologies, led WP2 and WP4 where the training tool has been analysed and adapted to the needs of the partner countries. P0 led the WP on Project Management and Coordination as the staff of the company that has been involved into the project has an extensive experience in project management.


The project partners represent the direct target group - rural SMEs involved in production, marketing and sales of local and organic products, as well as training and consulting and are interested to use the main project result – the training tool – in their activities. The project promoter, as well as some other partners are associations active in the area of the project, and promoted project results to their members. All this ensures further exploitation of project outputs and results after the project completion.