X-Panel Ltd Tasks

X-Panel implemented and led the following tasks:


T2.1. Creation of the methodological framework (October 2013 - November 2013)

X-Panel created the methodological framework that included the analysis of project context (what are the specifics of marketing of local and organic products, some case studies, etc.), explain the scope and general methodology of the project, as well as methodology for needs analysis and some guidelines for adaptation of training tool.


T2.2. Development of tools for needs analysis (December 2013)

The partners together decided what tools were going to be used for needs analysis. They included needs analysis questionnaires and interview guidelines. These were developed by X-Panel.

In both tasks, X-PANEL led the work but asked for feedback from all partners and used it to finalise the results of the WP.


T4.1. Analysis and adaptation of the training tool (May-December 2014)

The LVFP presented to the partners the training methodology and tool developed in ProudFarmer project. The partners analysed it and compared it to the results of the needs analysis. The partners also shared their experience in marketing of local and organic products, as well as related training and then agreed on suitable training methodology and contents.


The training tool was adapted to the needs of target group and partner countries, taking into account the differences in training systems, business environment, culture and languages. Marketing through tourism sector, as well as marketing of organic products will be analysed in more detail. The partners presented any other relevant training materials, if available from their previous projects and activities. Additional new learning contents (case studies from ES, CY and LT and any other necessary materials) will be developed by CLUTUREX, LVFP, X-PANEL and Kaunas STP. The process was led by

X-PANEL but all partners approved the adapted training product.

CLUTUREX transfered and updated the e-learning tool developed in ProudFarmer, taking into account the changes in training contents, as well as partners' languages.


T4.2. Translations (October-December 2014)

The training contents were translated into Spanish, Greek and Lithuanian. The Latvian and English versions of the materials were also updated and necessary translations arranged. CLUTUREX, LVFP, X-PANEL and KRIC were responsible for translations into their languages.


T4.3. Development of Learner's Guide (January 2015)

X-PANEL was responsible for the development of Learner's Guide - a concise support document for learners that might be studying the learning materials independently. The Guide was uploaded on the project website together with the e-learning tool.


T4.4. Amendments after the pilot testing (June-July 2015)

After the pilot testing and evaluation (WP5) is completed, any necessary amendments were made to the training product. The partners discussed these in the 4th project meeting, CLUTUREX and X-PANEL made the necessary changes.