LVFP-Union Tasks


Union "Farmers Parliament" (ZSA) implemented and led the following tasks:



T3.1. Field work (January-March 2014)

The partners performed the needs analysis in Spain/ Extremadura (CLUTUREX), Latvia (ZSA), Cyprus (X-PANEL and Cyprus Villages) and Lithuania (KRIC and LCTA) by applying the methodology developed for this purpose in the previous workpackage. The analysis included secondary data already available, as well as collection of primary data using the tools developed in WP2. An estimated number of 120 of SMEs owners and staff belonging to the target public were reached in the 4 countries.


T3.2. Analysis and elaboration of conclusions and recoomendations for transfer (March-April 2014)

CLUTUREX, LVFP, X_PANEL and KRIC elaborated reports on the results of the needs analysis in their region based on the guidelines provided in Methodological framework (WP2). The reports were sent to the workpackage leader that then produced a synthesis report presenting the situation in partner regions, comparing the results and drawing conclusions for transfer, i.e. the development/ adaptation of the training programme, materials and tools. The report was based on both quantitative and qualitative analysis.