LVFP-Union "Farmer Parliament"

Farmers’ Parliament (LVFP) is the voice of Latvian farming sector. It champions and provides professional representation and services not only to its members – farms which produce more than 50% of Latvian crop and more than 30% of dairy produce, but also to all Latvia farming society. It is the main agriculture lobby institution with long lasting, highly successful and professional ties in rural development sector both in the country and European Union (EU and government institutions, rural NGOs, sector service institutions, SMEs, education institutions, experts).


LVFP has extensive experience in informing and educating Latvian farming community. It is one of the main bodies in developing vocational education and training system and legislative framework for rural entrepreneurship in Latvia. The organisation has highly successful public relation record with widely recognised home page and extremely popular newsletter. The organisation has developed and implemented a number of national and international education and innovation projects in order to enhance rural human resources and farmers’ skills, improve quality of life in rural communities and increase nature protection including through highly successful Lifelong Learning Programme projects.


In this project LVFP has:

  • participated in project management,
  • organised the 2nd project meeting in Latvia and take part in other meetings,
  • participated in the development of methodological framework,
  • shared experience in marketing of local and organic products, as well as related training,
  • transfered the results of ProudFarmer to other project partners - present and explain ProudFarmer training methodology and tools, share experiences from application of training tool, etc.,
  • performed the needs analysis in Latvia;
  • participated in adaptation of the training tool,
  • organised pilot testing and evaluation in Latvia;
  • participated in project quality management,
  • participated in project dissemination and exploitation.

LVFP led the WP3 Needs analysis.


Maira Dzelzkaleja, one of leading agriculture experts in Latvia with more than 15 years’ experience in building agriculture development structure in Latvia with unique knowledge has gained through participation in various rural development conferences and discussions all around the world (U.S., Taiwan, Sweden, Spain, Denmark etc.). Bachelor degree in agronomy and Master’s Degree in economics in addition to professional experience, allow her to overview and plan agriculture development in Latvia as part of sustainable agriculture policy at national and EU level. Her professional competence includes various subjects such as development of sustainable agriculture, investment attraction, EU agriculture and rural development policies.


Inga Berzina, expertise in project management, research and pedagogy with 15 years’ experience in development and management of the lifelong learning, rural development and GIS projects and programmes at the local, regional, state and EU level. She has Master’s Degree in agronomy and economics, higher professional pedagogical education combined with the practical experience provides good expertise for rural development and agriculture product marketing. Previously LTOI ProudFarmer Project Manager.


Zanda Krukliteexpertise on the technical as well as business issues related to food production and food business management, including business planning, marketing issues, etc. based on background of food technology from Latvia University of Agriculture, which is supplemented by Master of Business Administration degree from Riga Business School. For years she has been involved as expert and/or coordinator in the projects related to the sustainable rural development issues, agriculture, food production and marketing and renewable energy sectors.


Liga Kruklite, expertise in accounting and book keeping for 21 years, including professional experience in financial management. Master Degree in economics from Latvia University of Agriculture, studies for ACCA International chartered certified accountant certificate provides competences for document development in the projects, both on national and international scale as well as definition of the financial calculations and price policy for marketing strategies. Previously LTOI ProudFarmer Project Technician.



Ms Inga Berzina

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