Kaunas Science & Technology Park Tasks

Kaunas STP led the following activities:


T5.1. Testing and evaluation methodology (January-February 2015)

KRIC with the support from other partners designed the testing and evaluation methodology, including evaluation questionnaires for trainers and trainees.


T5.2. Organisation of testing and evaluation (March-April 2015)

The partners were responsible for the pilot testing of the training tool in their countries: they appointed qualified trainers, identify potential participants, offered them to take part in this exercise and made sure that sufficient number of representatives of the target group takes part in the testing and evaluation process.


CLUTUREX organised the pilot testing in Spain, LVFP- in Latvia, X-PANEL and Cyprus Villages- in Cyprus, Kaunas STP and LCTA - in Lithuania. LCTA supported the process from the perspective of quality management. The total number of participants of pilot training were not less than 60: average of 15 per transfer country.


T5.3. Evaluation analysis and report (May-June 2013)

The partners (CLUTUREX, LVFP, X-PANEL, Kaunas STP) distributed the evaluation questionnaires to the trainers and trainees in their countries, collected the feedback and presented the results of the evaluation in short country reports. Kaunas STP compiled the results and developed a synthesis evaluation report that served as a basis for decisions and actions on further improvement of the training tool and its further exploitation.