Eurocrea Merchant Srl Tasks

EUROCREA implemented and led the following tasks:


T7.1. Development of Quality Management Plan (October-December 2013)

EUROCREA developed the draft plan and finalised it after the feedback from the partners in the first months of the project. The Plan aimed to ensure the quality of project implementation process and project results. It took into account the following:

  • project management quality,
  • needs and experiences of the target group,
  • quality of project deliverables including the training programme and materials,
  • quality of dissemination efforts,
  • networking and cooperation (inside the consortium and with the relevant stakeholders),
  • exploitation strategy,
  • overall project quality as perceived by the project partners and external evaluators.

T7.2. Ongoing quality management and reporting (October 2013 - September 2015)

The implementation of the Plan was supervised by EUROCREA and executed together by all partners. EUROCREA collected and analysed partners input and developed evaluation reports for each project meeting, as well as yearly evaluation reports that covered both the quality of process (management and dissemination quality) and deliverables.

Quality control was executed during the whole project and contributed to the achievement of all project results.