CLUTUREX implemented and led the following tasks:


T.1..1. Daily management and coordination (October 2013 - September 2015). P0 managed and coordinated the project, using their experience in the coordination of international projects. The partners have been responsible for management of tasks assigned to them. A Project Manual has been developed and included the detailed description of project WPs and tasks, organisation and communication structure, budget and other important project information. It has been prepared by CLUTUREX and distributed to the partners during the kick-off meeting. As almost all of the partners have been involved in European projects before, they have been able to handle their own project administration and finances.


T.1..2.. Project meetings (October 2013; May 2014; January 2015; September 2015)

4 project meetings have been carried out, approximately every 8 months. The meetings took place in different partner countries and local partners were responsible for their organisation with the support of CLUTUREX: the kick-off meeting in Cyprus, 2nd meeting in Latvia, 3rd meeting in Lithuania and the final meeting in Spain. The final meeting coincided with the project conference. All partners participated in all project meetings. One day of each project meeting was devoted to on-site visits with a purpose of mutual learning, exchange and dissemination, as this type of exchange increased the learning of the partners internal staff who were in charge of transferring the knowledge to the target group. The visits were done to sites selected as good practice examples to be included in the training platform.


T.1..3. Reporting (by the deadlines stated in the project contract and partner consortium agreements)

P0 was responsible for timely reporting to the National Agency based on the terms specified in the Grant Agreement; the other partners developed and submit their activity and financial reports and supporting documents to CLUTUREX every half a year.


T.6.1. Dissemination Plan (October-November 2013)

CLUTUREX developed a Dissemination Plan (based on this application but more detailed) that helped the partners to develop well targeted and efficient dissemination activities and prepare for the exploitation of project results. The plan was updated in the course of the project.


T.6.2. Dissemination tools and materials (December 2013 - June 2014)

  • CLUTUREX subcontracted creation of the style of promotional tools of the project including project logo.
  • CLUTUREX subcontracted development of project website that contains a public part with information about the project and the e-learning tool. The website was developed in the languages of all partners and English.
  • CLUTUREX created the template for PowerPoint presentations (to be used by partners) and style and contents of leaflets. These were printed in partner languages (CLUTUREX also printed leaflets in English) in their countries. 
  • Min 5 press releases and 4 newsletters were created and disseminated in the course of the project.


T.6.3. Project workshops and presentations (October 2013 - September 2015)

  • One day of each project meeting was devoted to mutual learning, exchange and dissemination - the partners had on-site visits to the places of best practice that were included in the training tool and discussed the project with the target group.
  • Partners presented the project in their local and international networks
  • CLUTUREX was responsible for the organisation of the final project event - conference in Spain. All partners took part; CLUTUREX invited local stakeholders; LVFP, Cyprus Villages and LCTA each brought 2 representatives of the target group to this event, thus increasing dissemination and creating networking opportunities for representatives of target group from different countries.

T.6.4. Exploitation Plan (May-September 2015)

CLUTUREX was responsible for development of Exploitation Plan. All partners provided their own plans that were merged in one document. Although future exploitation was discussed from the beginning of the project, the partners deeper analysed it during the 3rd project meeting and confirmed the Exploitation Plan in the last meeting in September 2015.