AEI Cluster del Turismo de Extremadura

The Extremadura Tourism Cluster (CLUTUREX) aims to encourage the development of this sector in the region, protect and manage the general and common interests of its members as well as the development and implementation of all activities, measures and actions required to promote, defend and protect the economic interests of its partners. It has currently 66 members, presenting a mix of local associations, SMEs from the sector, public entities that support tourism, etc.


Services provided to members include training (the Cluster has recently signed an agreement with Directorate General on Employment training), marketing advice, identification and execution of innovative projects, representation at regional, national and international fairs, analysis of tourism industry and communication of results, advertising of events, new project and services in media and web, organisation of meetings of stakeholders to create synergies, organisation of working days where members work with expert coaches.


In this project CLUTUREX has had these functions: 

  • undertake the overall project management and coordination. The staff involved in the project have over 18 years of experience in international project management, 
  • organise the final project meeting in Spain and participate in other meetings, 
  • participate in the development of methodological framework, share experience in marketing of local and organic products, as well as related training, 
  • perform the needs analysis in Spain; 
  • participate in adaptation of the training tool, 
  • organise pilot testing and evaluation in Spain; 
  • participate in project quality management,
  • participate in project dissemination and exploitation including organisation of project conference in Spain.

CLUTUREX led the WP1 Project Management and Coordination and WP6 Dissemination and Exploitation.


Maria Blázquez at CLUTUREX responsible for innovation and internal staff: University Degree in Tourism and in Business Administration, she has realized a postgraduate course in Advanced Tourism Studies. Since 2009 she is responsible for projects and innovation at the Tourism Cluster, and is trainer in the field of business management and tourism. In the cluster she has been responsible for several nationally and regionally funded project, e.g. Datatur which focusses on the use of social media for the tourism sector.


Role in the project: technical coordination & administrative and financial management.


Manon van Leeuwen: Expert in project management with a long standing experience of over 18 years in Life Long Learning projects. She has been Director of the Office of European Projects of the Regional Government of Extremadura (Junta de Extremadura), Director of the Area Information Society at Fundecyt and Director of the Department for European Programmes of the Foundation University-Enterprise of Valladolid. She has extensive experience in the technical coordination and development of training materials related to knowledge management, learning skills and SME needs.



Ms. María Blázquez